Mind-Body Mismatch

The Mind-Body-Mismatch identified here is, in its simplest terms: not writing (a mind task) with the wright/adept hand (body task)

It is identified by noting which of the two hands is the writing hand and which is the wright hand- defined as the hand better able to handle novel complex manipulo-spatial tasks with seemingly effortless ease.

The writing hand is easily observed: simply note which hand holds the pen when writing.

The wright hand is easily noted by those who know what to look for but is ‘invisible’ to those who don’t.

Noting which is the wright / adept hand is complicated by several facts:

Labelling the hands:

  • right – left
  • dexter – sinister
  • good – bad
  • strong – weak
Labelling the person as:

  • cackhanded
  • having two left feet
  • clumsy
  • ambidextrous
It be might better were we to re-label the hands without reference to body orientation as:

  • head – heart
  • holding – handling

However to focus on only the hands is to miss the bigger picture which can only be grasped by knowing that the right cerebral hemisphere ‘controls’ the right side of the body and the left cerebral hemisphere controls the right side.

This explains why the left foot is the ‘balance’ foot for right handers and why those who believe themselves to right handed but are unknowling left handed are desribed as having two-left feet when learning to dance. It also why some toddlers lead with their right when learning to climb stairs and catch-up with their left and why others lead with their left and catch-up with their right.

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