Wrighthand.net aims to help those trying to handle long standing personal and inter-personal problems where common-sense seems to fail and experts disagree among themselves over what to do to help and how to do it.

On the surface long-standing problems fall into three seemingly different groups:

  • conceptual : for example, how to define dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, what is the difference between learning difficulty and learning disability or the meaning of life itself?
  • practical : for example, how to cure anorexia, improve educational standards or ensure that reasonable adjustments have been made in the workplace for those with disabilities
  • practical- conceptual : for example, how to help children and adults achieve their potential, how to prevent adolescents becoming young offenders or help persistent offenders from re-offending

We reject the dichotomy between practical and conceptual. Instead we use the metaphor of turning the page of a book from practical-recto to conceptual-verso, and on to the next page: to help individuals, corporations, institutions with a variety of (to quote Karl Popper) 'concrete miseries'.

Three sets of general ignorance conditions compound the problem of solving long-standing intractable problems.

  • World-views First, there is general ignorance among both the public and professionals about world-views, sometimes known as mind-sets, explanatory schemas or frameworks. Knowing about differences in world-view helps to explain why experts working in the same field often disagree among themselves; for world-views determine what is accepted as evidence and what is not.
  • Latent / converted handedness Second, there is complete ignorance in the English speaking world about a core body-mind condition, epitomized as latent / converted handedness. The handedness aspect of this general body-mind condition occurs when we find individuals writing with their non-adept hand. Ignorance about latent / converted handedness, and therefore failure to eliminate it as a co-factor in any presenting problems incurs heavy costs, particularly for the entire education system: has serious implications for the conduct of evaluations for personal, educational, medico-legal and legal purposes. It will also result in ineffectual Personalised Education, Professional Development or Treatment Programmes 
  • Hegemongy of the /right/ Third, there is general ignorance about how to handle the hegemony of the /right/. It should be no surprise to discover that the problems arising from ignoring the hegemony of the /right/ are intricately interwoven with both world-view and latent / converted handedness issues.

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