The mind-body mismatch.

In its simplest terms the mind-body mis-match is identified  as not writing with the wright hand.

The writing hand is easily observed: simply note which hand holds the pen when writing.

The wright hand is not so easily observed due to several factors; the principal one being that practice even with the non-adept hand can improve performance. The wright (or adept) hand is defined  as the hand better able to perform novel complex manipulo-spatial tasks with seemingly effortless ease.

A more useful way of describing the hands -if one imagines opening a bottle with a top-  is to say that one hand is the olding hand and the other the manipulating hand.

However to focus on only the hands is to miss the much bigger picture, which is that the right cerebral hemisphere ‘controls’ the left side of the body and the left cerebral hemisphere controls the right side.

And in the same way that there is a holding and a manipulating hand there is, in the case of right (adept) handers  a left balance foot and a right kicking (accurately) foot.

One of the earliest means of observing ‘sidedness’ is to watch which is the leading and which the catch-up leg when climbing the stairs as a toddler. It will be the same leading and catch-up leg when learning to descend the stairs.

Two other factors make identification of the wright hand difficult The first refers to one’s sense of self-efficacy, self-concept and self-identity as being right handed: in which case the label hand preference is more appropriate.   The other is the confounding effects of practice. This renders unreliable such ‘tests’ of handendess as unexpectedly throwing a ball to someone to see which hand they (automatically) catch it with’

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