Who can spot the mind-body-mismatch?

In principle: anyone!

It’s possible to argue that not only can anyone spot how the root problem shows itself but that they do spot it! But they do so in its various manifestations, eg. dyslexia, dysgraphia, attention deficit hyperactivty disorder.

The root problem lies hidden in plain sight: it is masked because our culture is framed in terms of the hegemony of the right and because the focus has been on labelling the surface problems. Here the mistake is failing to recognize that labelling is not explaining in the scientific sense.

Noting the mind-body mis-match involves noting two apparently unrelated facts: observing which is the writing hand and which the adept hand then judging whether they are the same hand or not. Often it’s possible to spot the condition soley by watching closely the dynamics of the writing hand, arm and head posture. I have tackled the issue of who can, or rather should be able to, spot this mind-body-mismatch in greater depth elsewhere [LINK: Who benefits from knowing about the MBM?]

What Is the Problem

What is the Mind-Body-Mismatch Problem?

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Why focus on the mis-match between the writing and the wright or adept hand

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