Ecclesia (Christian church) – Synagogue (Jewish church)
Published by: Peter

Bill Cooke gave a talk on 4th December 2023 on Anti-semitism (its history) to the Warrington Literary and Philosophical Society. He illustrated one manifestation of the conflict between two religions by showing a slide with two statues from the south portal of Strasbourg Cathedral. The two female figures are situated either side of a central set of figures of Mary above Christ. First, note who’s standing on the right hand of Christ and who on the left. Second note what each holds in their right and left hands. Christian: cross and chalice, Jewish broken spear and law tablet. Ecclesia has her head help up, looking to a distant future, while Synagogue has her head cast dejectedly (rejectedly) downward looking.  In one elaoration, many statues and images of Synagogue have her blindfolded! Right is good, left is bad.


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