How my mother-in-law survived the camps. Left-die, right live
Published by: Peter

In her account of life in a Nazi concentration camp Isabel Lowy said that Josef Mengele chose who was to live or die by directing prisoners to the left (to die) or the right (to live). Another dreadful instance of ‘right’ being positive and ‘left’ being negative!!!

One of those survivors was Isabel Lowy, who recorded an interview with her son Chris just before her death in 1984 – an interview which will now become part of his presentations in schools organised by Holocaust Educational Trust.

Her message was: “It must be wrong to barricade yourself behind bitterness to bury yourself in hatred… In that way the world will never be a happy place.”

Isabel was also the mother-in-law of Today’s Martha Kearney, who describes the survivor as “bright and passionate”.


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